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Special Notes: We are meeting in an exciting new location for our dinner meetings this year:  the Conference Center at Waltham Woods!  Directions to the Conference Center are posted under Meeting Locations. 

Our next lunchtime meetup is on November 14th at Rebecca's - and our next Breakfast of Champions, with John Biebel, is on December 3rd, also at Rebecca's.

Plan to join us for our next dinner meeting at the Conference Center at Waltham Woods on November 17th (the presentation previously announced for this date is being rescheduled):

How to Lose Business by Surrendering Power to Your Prospects – and How You Can Stop

Did you ever know a prospect before he became your prospect, when he was just a person? He was probably just like anyone else. He walked on the ground, one foot after the other. But when such a person becomes a prospect, he is transformed. He becomes someone you’re afraid to disappoint; someone you accommodate too readily. You tend to accept his stories and stalls - knowing they are stories and stalls. You fear his rejection. You worry you won’t get his business. And you don’t want to fail... 

In this immediately actionable talk, Carl Harvey, sales development expert and author of the book What’s Stopping You? How to Build the Confidence You Need to Succeed at Sales, will identify what lies at the root of this surrender. More important, he will outline the perspectives and practices needed to reverse this behavior, so consultants can reclaim their power and achieve the success they desire and deserve.

Upcoming events

14 Nov 2014 1:00 PM • Rebecca's Cafe, 8 New England Executive Park, Burlington, MA
17 Nov 2014 5:30 PM • Conference Center at Waltham Woods, 860 Winter Street, Waltham, MA 02451
03 Dec 2014 7:30 AM • Rebecca's Cafe, 8 New England Executive Park, Burlington, MA


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