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Dinner Meeting and Networking on Monday, April 27th

  Norman Daoust on

  Networking Pyramids: Networking That Really Works  

Most consultants spend a lot of time networking. But very few do it as effectively as they could. They often spend their networking time at traditional types of events that are unlikely to lead them to new prospects.

At SPC’s April dinner meeting, longtime consultant Norman Daoust will introduce his concept of “Networking Pyramids”: a hierarchy of places to network and a hierarchy of activities. Then he’ll explore ways to apply these to your individual situation. The Networking Pyramid applies equally well to consultants of all types.

He’ll also examine a potentially controversial definition of networking.

This presentation is ideal for consultants who want to build their businesses, but it’s also valuable for anyone wanting to be a better networker.

Those attending will learn:

  • How to apply the Networking Pyramids to their businesses
  • How to improve the effectiveness of your current networking techniques
  • Why SPC meetings may not be the best place for its members to network!

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